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We love what we do for this we create genuine Cretan products for you daily with pure local ingredients

Our bakery has been in operation since 1990.
We brew bread every day using our own yeast, rye bread, bacon, special products such as dinkel, etc.
You will also find all kinds of pies and pastries always fresh and warm like traditional spinach pie in hand, cheese pies, hammocks and more.
You will also find croissants of raisins, apples, small french pastry, breakfast rolls, Cretan specialties prepared with love using as raw material local products such as eggs, milk, cheese and honey.

Also, every day we make many pastry sweets such as walnut pie, chocolate pie, orange pie, delicious myopic, cucumber with sheep butter and all kinds of sweet always fresh.

We are at the entrance of Plakias directly opposite the hotel "Alianthos".
We are open all days from 07.00 am to 11.00 pm

In our place you can enjoy your coffee, juice or refreshment and accompany it with our fresh products, overlooking the wonderful beach of Plakias.

You can also take your breakfast.
We always use local olive oil and fresh local products to prepare it.

Parking should not be a trouble for you as there is room right in front of us.

For anything you can call us at +30 2832 031547

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Monday to Friday
Saturday & Sunday
YOU CAN CALL: +30 2832 031547

Traditional Plakias Bakery

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